Why I kept my Fuji X Pro-1

With all the new fangled, fancy pants, digital gee-wiz-a-bang’s being released seemingly on a weekly basis, I decided to stop!  I decided to stop buying the latest and greatest version of what I already have.  I have the Fuji XT1 and love it but I also KEPT my Fuji X-Pro 1, and here’s why.

  1. Just because Fuji released something new does not make my X Pro-1 a bad camera.  
  2. The B&W I get from the X-Pro 1 is more like film than any other camera I’ve used, X100s a close 2nd
  3. It’s focusing is fast enough, certainly faster than I can manually focus my Leica M6
  4. It’s a pretty tough camera.  In fact I have my XE-2 repaired from a slight drop where as the X-Pro 1 still works
  5. The X-Pro 1 fits my hands perfectly.  I love rangefinders and this is a rangefinder-ey as you can get

Now, please keep in mind that cost does factor into this process, but not to the degree you might be thinking.  I have learned that when you find something that just works keep using it until it breaks.  Then get it repaired and keep using it until it needs to be replaced.  Then buy a used X-Pro 1 from B&H or KEH then repeat the steps above.

I have always, and guess always will, wrestle with the film vs. digital thing with no clear winner in sight.  The Fuji X-Pro 1 is the only digital camera I have used that comes closest to the look of B&W film.  And for me that matters.  I rarely shoot in color but when I do I am equally pleased with the color files.  I still use the heck out of my X-Pro 1 at weddings.  It along with the X100s are amazing wedding cameras!

In the end as long as my X-Pro 1 works and Fuji updates the firmware I will keep shooting it.  I liken the  X-Pro 1 to Alanis Morrissette’s “Jagged Little Pill” album, they both got it right the first time!



  1. I love my X-Pro1 along with the 35mm lens, it gives me a nice warm feeling when I use it, even though my main camera is the X100s. It makes me feel like a proper photographer for some reason and I should probably use it more than I do.

    The X-Pro2 is a thing in the back of my mind though… do I (when it arrives)… don’t I… should I….

    For now though, like you, I am very happy with the X-Pro1 and it will be a difficult thing to part with. I’m still weighing up whether it should be my main camera for a trip to New York later this year, or whether the x100s will have the edge… and no, I can’t take both.

  2. Love your reasoning. I have the x100 original with the latest firmware and am keeping it. Focus is as fast as one needs. Sometimes I forget it only has 12 MP. I love the form of it and will be using it for many years to come. Unfortunately, it had a little drop and the power on unit came out. Just about to send it to repairs.

  3. I have an Xpro1 for over a year now and i love it. I think the camera keeps on getting better the more i use it. People love to jump on the latest and greatest. I wou ld never sell my Xpro 1 even when the new Xpro2 comes out. Learn how to use your camera well and stop wishing that the camera has this and that. This camera makes beautiful images. Stop complaining over every little thing the camera doesn’t have. Go out and shoot with the darn thing. I have and X100 LE and i also love it. I don’t need the new bells and whistles of the X100t. I would also never sell my X100 either .

  4. Hey,
    great article.
    May I ask what settings you use for B&W photography in your x-pro 1, to get as close as possible to this “film” look ?
    Any postprocessing in any tool such as Silver Effects Pro ?

    1. Pierre,

      Thanks for your comment. I keep the settings pretty basic. I’m always in RAW and have the sharpness set to +1 and shoot in B&W mode with yellow filter. I process in Lightroom and I do us Silver Effects for mostly structure and burn/dodge.

  5. Hi,

    I love that photo. I just moved to Houston. I also shoot an X Pro and the X100T. Are you a member of the HCP? I work at U of H. I have to say I am in complete agreement with you regarding the X Pro. I initially “upgraded” to an XT but for some reason I just love the X Pro. I also prefer the rangefinder style. The only film camera I have left is a Canon QL17 and a Zero Image Pinhole. Is there a lab here in Houston? I was hoping to be able to use the dark room at U of H, but it looks like a no go since I am an employee, not a student.

    Eventually I will probably get an X Pro 2 when they release it, but I will never sell my X Pro. There is just something very special to me about that camera.

    Also you should check out For A New World to Come at the MFA. Great B/W photography from Japan from the 60’s and 70’s.


    Steve Boykin

    1. Steve,

      First and foremost welcome to Houston! I really do love photography and the X-Pro 1 has added to that feeling. I have not been to the Houston Center of photography in a while actually, I live out in Cypress, so it’s kind of hard for me to get inside the loop especially with all the construction on 290.

      Now that I know that you are in Houston I was thinking about re-starting my fine art photographers group of about maximum 5 to 8 people. The group will consist of people who love fine art photography both viewing and taking. The group, as much as we can, will be absent of ego. I already have a friend of mine who is an art photographer on board and he just got selected to be in the Kinsey show. If you’re interested let me know. Have a great week and thanks again for your comments.

  6. I love my X Pro-1 too, I’ve had it for 2 years now.
    No need to get any of the recent releases just yet, sure I’ll have a look in on the X Pro-2, but if it’s vastly different I probably won’t go there. £1,xxx is a lot of glass for number 1.

    I summed up my X Pro-1 as being as analogue as a digital camera could be.

  7. Liked the image quality but dusty and low light conditions made focus nearly impossible. Slow focus on moving subjects was a real pain at times. Went back to my SLR’s for the focus speed and accuracy.

    1. Indeed. Same happened to me. I was leaving the X-Pro1 more and more on the shelf due to the massive ‘work-around’ this camera had in the real world. Now I’ve an X-T1 in my bag. It’s a far better camera, but not the god-send miracle some make out of it. When I have to do more serious event work with a real predictable outcome, I still take Nikon F.

  8. Have just purchased and X-T1 and an X-Pro1. There is something about the X-Pro1 that is just magical. Not just the images but the way it feels and that shutter! Haven’t really looked at the X-T1 much yet.

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