Fuji X-Pro2 First Impressions

I want to make it clear this is not a review. These are my first impressions of MY copy of the newly released Fuji X-Pro2


I posted a similar thread the other day and my post was met with a lot of mean-spirited attacks. If you feel the need to call me an idiot or any other pejorative term I will report you as spam.



I purchased my copy of the X-Pro2 March 4th. I used it for a photo shoot March 6th. I was using my Quantum T5D-R* as off camera flash triggered by Pocket Wizards. The “on camera” transmitter was a Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 for Canon.  If you know anything about Pocket Wizards you know that the MiniTT1 can be set in basic triggering mode which causes it to act like any other Pocket Wizard. The flash had a PlusX attached as the receiver.  The lens I was using the 50-140mm f2.8 R LM OIS WR.

While shooting I got a “internal temperature warning” screen.  I turned off the camera and when I  turned it back on and got the same screen.  To the touch nothing felt warm, much less hot.  When I removed the OEM battery it felt fine.   In short, the tactile heat inspection of the camera and battery passed with flying colors. I then changed the transmitter from the MiniTT1 to a PlusX and didn’t have this issue for the rest of the shoot.  I also noticed that my camera setting had completely reset to the factory original settings.  I did call Fuji and gave them this information and they said they would pass it on to Japan.  Very nice person at customer service by the way.

To be fair, the issue could have been with the MiniTT1 but I’ve never had this issue when I used the MiniTT1 with my XT-1, XE-2, Pentax 645z or Leica M Type 240.  My guess is that Fuji will provide a firmware fix shortly. One great thing about Fuji is they do an excellent job providing firmware updates.  I did call and talk to Pocket Wizard support as well.  They confirmed that the fact the MiniTT1 was for Canon is a non issue seeing how it is designed to work with any camera as a basic flash trigger.  The TTL functionality specific to Canon has zero affect on the basic triggering mode.

One other thing I noticed was the slow write speed.  I was using Delkin 633x SD cards and it was noticeably slow.  But I have since purchased Lexar 1000x cards and no longer have an issue withe write speed.  The AF seems a good, maybe slightly better than my XT-1. Again, this is just my eyeball test.  Nothing scientific here.

I feel compelled to state one more time that these are MY first impressions of MY X-Pro2. I had the X100 in my hands the day it came out, same with the X-Pro1. I have been sooting Fuji X system for wedding sine 2013.  Yes, I know how to set the camera settings.  No, I’m not an idiot.  THIS IS NOT A REVIEW

*I have since switched to the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra for my location lighting.


I connected the MiniTT1 to the X-Pro2 again with a different battery and lens and itmdidmthe same thing.  As soon as I powered up the camer I received the internal temperature warning.  Used the MiniTT1 On my other cameras with zero issue.  Also if you follow the Fuji X Forum you will read a lot of posts about a lot of issues with the X-Pro2.

PROBLEM IDENTIFIED:  The X-Pro2 has the additional flash hot shoe post for supplying power to the flash much like that of the XT-1.  This extras post seems to be the culprit.  I will find out of the solution I’ve come up with fixes the issue permanently.  That solution being, buying a single post hotel short adapter and mounting the MiniTT1 to it and therefore bypassing the power supply post on the cameras hot shoe.



  1. Thanks for putting up your “first impressions” article again, even though it may be not as detailed as the last – i never saw the initial one that got everyone’s boxers in a bind. It’s amazing how Fuji “fanboys” react to anything remotely negative about a Fuji camera. The X-Pro2 obviously has some “niggles” to be sorted out and i am sure they will be in due time. Never let the negativity stop you from giving your honest opinion about something. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I agree with you completely. Feelings can get hurt easily. I’m a fan of Fuji X. But I’m also open minded and objective. When they make a great camera, the X100s comes to mind, I sing their praises. When the drop the ball in areas, I point it out based on my experiences. By no means I’m I saying the X-Pro2 is a bad camera I’m simply sharing my experiences.

    2. There’s honest and there’s just plain wrong. The first article had claims about the AF being terrible (which is just wrong, to the authors credit he’s taken that back) and the sensor being horrible just because it’s not full frame (again to the authors credit he’s seen the error of this point and removed it).

      So don’t be so quick to blame fanboyism, the author edited it for a reason. 😉

      1. The original article was spot on about the auto focus on MY copy of the X-Pro2. I never used the word terrible. What I stated that on MY copy of MY X-Pro2 is was noticeably slow. Mince then I’ve done 2 resets and upgraded the firmware on my 50-140mm and now it’s on par with the XT1

  2. I’m a Fuji fan myself and I think Fuji cameras are great in general but any solution is far from perfect, so it’s good to hear an open, unbiased review for a change! Fanboys may get upset because they want to feel good about their gear after spending all that $$$ 😉
    Hopefully you’ll continue to share your experience, negative or not, and can ignore the ignorant few with their hateful comments

  3. Wait, what – you’ve been sooting your Fuji cameras since 2013? That’s the problem then, not surprising they’re overheating if covered in soot.

  4. I think that a lot of Fuji users are passionate about there camera and rightly so. I don’t think its a case of fanboyism, more a case of ensuring that small niggles don’t get blown up into some massive deal that causes disproportionately negative vibes. I still have other photographers saying to me oh yeah Fuji, pretty camera but what about all the issues with the RAW files and X-Trans. For fox sake, that only really occurred in LR and only a handful of users were really bugged by them. I have yet to look at an image I have produced in Capture1 and be anything less than happy with it.

    So I think the backlash to your original post while itself disproportionate I can empathize with. I certainly don’t relish spending the next 5 years hearing outdated disparaging remarks about my camera from people who have only heard them second hand and take them as current. I think people would maybe like a little bit of breathing space afforded to let the X-Pro2 grow, just like most of the other Fuji cameras have. My X-T1 is a much more polished and functional camera now than when I bought it 18 months ago.

    I do agree though that its important that people comment and give their impressions objectively and fairly, it can’t all be good.

    I got hands on with an X-Pro2 yesterday and I have to say I was very impressed with it. I won’t be buying one as I prefer the X-T series and so am waiting for the X-T2 but I was interested in seeing what the sensor performance and improvement would be as they are almost guaranteed to be the same as the X-Pro2 and I have to say after handling the camera I was sorely tempted to go back on my decision. In the end I decided to wait until X-T2 drops and compare them side to side. I can live another 6-9 months with the amazing X-T1 and hopefully by then the X-Pro2 will have come down in price, so win win.


  5. PS in regards to your overheating issues with the flash trigger. I seem to remember the X-T1 had an extra contact on its hot shoe for the bundled flash that sent power from the camera to the Flash. I don’t know whether there is a similar bundled flash with the X-Pro2 or not. The only thing that occures to me is that your issue might be because the way your canon trigger is configured might be causing some kind of short with the X-Pro 2, it might be jumping one contact point to another. Just a thought.

    1. Ahhh you know what, that may be the issue! Let me check the XT-1 again, jus tot see. Thanks for your input and feedback. All I was trying to do is inform other users of my issue. My intent was not to “bash” Fuji. I try to be as objective as possible and when I am wrong I will admit it. Anyway, thanks for your feedback 🙂

      1. Gordon is right, there must be something happening outside of the regular ISO hotshoe connection. The best way to test this theory would be with a cheap (preferably plastic) hotshoe-to-PC adapter that has a “dumb” hotshoes both at the bottom and on a top.

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